Sunday, November 21, 2010


These are just a few pics from our deer hunting trip this year! Brady and his dad came with my family and it was so fun. We always have a story to tell and this year's story was Riley my lil brother got lost!! Yes on the deer hunt in the dark it was so so horrible i was freaking out. We found him as we were on our way to get the sherriff.  He had shot a deer and got turned around and started for the road!

It just keeps growing!!!! 24 weeks

Me and my friend Erin
 WEll with it being THANKSGIVING i just have to say how thankful i am for so many things in my life! I love brady more and more everyday. Im so excited and thankful for the new addition to our family i cant wait till our little guy comes! My family is so wonderful and i dont know what id do without them. Im so thankful for our health and the health od our familys. i have so much to be thankful for!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Whats New!

Well we went to Elko over labor day and had so much fun!! Brady roped and ended up 2nd!

  Well Brady had a great idea to go and buy alot of our baby stuff! And how could i say NO!! so much fun!
The finished product after Brady finished putting everything together!

     Ok i really didnt know how i felt about doing the pics of how FAT i am getting but i decided it would   
                        be fun to watch over the next 4 1/2 months! this was taken at around 17 weeks.
 So if you all can't tell what that thing is between the legs!! ITS A BOY! And we couldnt be more excited

Just another kinda blurry shot of our precious baby boy!!
Everything looks great and healthy! We go in a week for our big ultra sound to go over eveything!
We are going on the Deer hunt this coming weekend and i cant wait to go! We are going with my family and Carl so it should be good! Hope they get some big ones!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Well tonight i have alot on my mind! I cant get over the idea that we are bringing a precious baby into our lives. I feel so grateful that we are able to.  For the short time that we tried to get pregnant it seemed like forever! (but was only 6-7 months). There is many people out there that are not able to have children. I  feel really guilty right now because i have been complaining so much about being sick and really there is so many people that would love to throw up all day long! So i just have to count my blessings and say how honored i feel to bring a baby into the world, and from now on I'm going to try so hard to not complain about anything! I cant wait to be called mommy, to hear a little cry in the middle of the night, to worry about potty training. I cant wait to hear all about there first day of school, i know there will be lots of tears shed and many laughs along the way but I'm so grateful i have the opportunity to be called mommy! I just hope that i can be as good of a mother as my mom was to me! I'm so glad i get to share this experience with her and i don't know what id do with out her! I'm also so excited to start a new journey with Brady he has been the best husband anyone could ask for and i know he will be such an amazing father!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Fall Yall!!

Well it has been such a great summer and don't get me wrong when i say i cant wait for FALL!! There is just something about the crisp air, fall colors, pumpkins, and Halloween that i just love!! So i really hardly can wait! I had all my Halloween decor out and ready to put up and Brady told me i was jumping the gun just a bit! so i decided i better wait until the 15th :) We are at a great mile point  I'm 12 weeks yesterday and i cant wait until its like 35 weeks but it will come!!  Ill post some pics of the little baby after our next appt on weds!! Happy fall Ya' ll!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big News update!

Well i guess its time to blog about our big news!! WE are .......... Having a BABY!!!!! We are so excited for this little baby to join our life! We went to our first doctors appt on wednesday and everything looked great! We where able to see the heart beat and see how tiny the baby is! It was such a cool experience! Brady said to me i cant beleive thats inside of you! And he was so cute when he saw the heart beat he was so excited. We go back in two weeks and he will give me a Real due date. The doctor thought i was about 6 weeks and i thought i was a little further along  so he thought i could be due anywhere between March 13-18 so we will know in two weeks the final say! Ive been super sick which i guess i never knew how bad it really is when all my friends would tell me how hard it was at first when your pregnant. Well i now feel your pain!! But thanks to some great meds! I can at least function now! But i will take being sick to get this little baby here! I cant wait till we can see it and hold it and just enjoy ever moment!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July

We have been so busy with everything this summer but here is a little bit of a catch up!!
For the fourth we went to 5 Rodeo!! And we stayed in our new horse trailer!! And we love it!!
On the fourth we had my family and bradys over for a bbq and fire works!
That really never happens but we had so much fun!We had  dummie ropins, played ping pong, rode scooters and all kinds of fun!! Love this time of  year!

Today me and brady have been married for 1 year!!!
i cant believe how fast it went by. Im so greatful for him and all he does i couldnt have a better husband, but most of all a better best friend! We are going to go to dinner and then be like little kids and go see toy story3.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Freeland Family

 dont worry i did get one without her crying
What a fun family thanks for a great day!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whats going on!

Well here are a few things we have been up to!
The other day i came home to this! Yes that is Max in the house playing with Brady
(PS. max is not allowed inside!!') but how could you resist!

This is a pic of my cute little garden i planted! Yes there isn't much coming up but my peas and onions are coming I'm so proud!

We bought a new truck!
Nichole is going to kill me but, we had bunko and she spilled her cake all over her lap!! We all were laughing so hard ! Love ya

We are so sad because Max is getting so big! and yes we are not to exciting so i have to post about my dog!
Other than that we have just been busy working! Brady has been super busy but we will take it!
We are looking at buy a house! and That's excited and very stress full all at the same time! Well one of my friends did a post about things you may not know about me so I'm going to try it!

1. I HATE when people touch my face!
3. I hate the feeling of opening a jar of peanut butter it freaks me out!
4. i love green peppers raw
5. i love taking pictures
6. I'm a freak about keeping a schedule ( i know so lame)
7. I love doing hair it really makes me happy!
8. if i had only one makeup i would have mascara
9. I chew gum like its going out of style (really i have to buy big boxes and its gone it two weeks)
10. I want a baby so bad but just not happening right now
11. I kinda sell Mary kay HAHAH
12. i hate hate by hips! of my biggest fears is getting fat
14. my husband is a clean freak! but i like it most days
15. I have the greatest Husband, family,and friends ever!
Hope you learned something new about me!! HAHAHA