Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting ready for baby!

Well i am staring to get ready for this Lil man to come! I cant wait to just see him and hold him and love on him! I cant believe how soon he is coming. Even with all the excitement of him coming I'm very scared!!! It all hit me the other day that this is really happening and i have to make sure hes OK and that he grows up to be a great man one day! THIS IS HUGE!! Am i ready for this, can i handle this?? So i had a good talk with Maclee, she had me watch a you tube thing on THE Reflections of Motherhood! Best thing Ive watched not that it took all those feelings away it just made me feel alittle better.  Brady has been so great i have to hand it to him,  is all i do lately is complain about EVERYTHING! poor guy and the other day he said to me , " Hay i cant wait for him to come i feel really bad for you and i cant do a thing for you" He really is going to be such a great dad.  I cant wait for our new adventure together!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


                                                        Making Ginger Bread houses

Our christmas tree christmas morning!
Well im a little late on posting our christmas but we had such a great chritmas!! Time is getting closer for us to meet our lil man and we cant wait! Hope everyone had a great chritms!