Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Whats going on!

Well here are a few things we have been up to!
The other day i came home to this! Yes that is Max in the house playing with Brady
(PS. max is not allowed inside!!') but how could you resist!

This is a pic of my cute little garden i planted! Yes there isn't much coming up but my peas and onions are coming I'm so proud!

We bought a new truck!
Nichole is going to kill me but, we had bunko and she spilled her cake all over her lap!! We all were laughing so hard ! Love ya

We are so sad because Max is getting so big! and yes we are not to exciting so i have to post about my dog!
Other than that we have just been busy working! Brady has been super busy but we will take it!
We are looking at buy a house! and That's excited and very stress full all at the same time! Well one of my friends did a post about things you may not know about me so I'm going to try it!

1. I HATE when people touch my face!
3. I hate the feeling of opening a jar of peanut butter it freaks me out!
4. i love green peppers raw
5. i love taking pictures
6. I'm a freak about keeping a schedule ( i know so lame)
7. I love doing hair it really makes me happy!
8. if i had only one makeup i would have mascara
9. I chew gum like its going out of style (really i have to buy big boxes and its gone it two weeks)
10. I want a baby so bad but just not happening right now
11. I kinda sell Mary kay HAHAH
12. i hate hate by hips!
13.one of my biggest fears is getting fat
14. my husband is a clean freak! but i like it most days
15. I have the greatest Husband, family,and friends ever!
Hope you learned something new about me!! HAHAHA