Sunday, March 15, 2009

Crazy week

Well its been a crazy week! I started a new job, I'm working at a salon in Kaysville called Hair play. its really hard to move salons because i love LOVE my salon that i am at( Oh PS. I'm still working there just three days a week) I really like it everyone is really nice at the new salon. And this week i also quit the vet clinic, Had a doctors apt for ya the fun pre-marital stuff ahhhh.

On Wednesday Grandma Christiansen passed away. I was not blood related to her but she truly was my grandma! I'm going to miss her so much. She was such an incredible woman, she has always been someone i have looked up to. Her and Grandpa loved each other so much and i want to be just like them. Its such a bitter sweet because i know shes with grandpa again but she will be missed dearly! Kyle and Kelleen were Married on Thursday and I'm so happy for them!! There wedding was so cute. Now i cant wait for our wedding!!!! Threw all of this crazy week I have to say Ive been an emotional train wreck!! And brady has had to have the blunt of it all. He is such an amazing man, he has been there for me and has listen to ever thing that's been going on. I love him more everyday and I'm so grateful for him!!!