Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I got tagged!!! Thanks Mac

Tagged!!!I was Tagged by Maclee
Eight favorite TV shows1.Extreme home makover2. Good Things Utah 3. Days of our lives4.The Hills 5.Still standing6. Save by the bell7. CMT 8. Food network Eight favorite Restaurants1. Olive garden 2. cafe Rio3. 4. Chilies5. Pizza factory 6. La VIgna7. Home!!! Eight things I did yesterday1. Went jogging 2.Went to provo and got my passport 3. Went to walmart4. Went to work5. rode by horses 6. Went to school 7. Took a hot bubbly bath 8. Talked to Brady Eight things I love about fall1. Horse rides up the canyon 2.Hunting 3. Halloween Decorations4. Halloween 5. HalloweenBunko Partys at maclees! 6. The food 7. Leaves changing 8. Going to watch brady at circit finals Eight things I look forward to1. Riding my horses2. spending time with brady 3. Becoming a wife??4. and a mother5. Doing hair 6. Being with family 7. photography 8. Owning a home Eight things on my wish list 1. To get married 2. To be a mom 3. My family to be happy and healthy 4. TO be a good person to everyone around me 5.Money 6. To do good with my horses7. to build a house someday8. Eight people I tag1. kara F 2. Mckenzie 3. Erin 4. I dont know to many peoples blogs please get them to Me ASAP!!!