Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Well today my heart is so full of emotion!!! I have listen and followed my friend Tiff Shoells blog. Every time i read it, is all i do is cry!! She has cancer and she is only 20. Her upbeat attitude is amazing and i look up to her and her family so so much!! They are always so happy and making the best out of every situation. I just have to say that we all get so caught up in our everyday messes, and forget to be so grateful for everything we have!! I'm the worst of them all to do this. I cant tell my family and friends how grateful i am to have them in my life. Brady is the best husband ever! and i don't know what id do with out him. He makes me want to be a better person every day. He makes me laugh and knows how to melt my heart. his singing,his jokes, his arguing, everything about him i love! My sweet mom she is always there to talk every morning when I'm on my way to work and it means so much. Shes my best friend and i love her so much. My wonderful dad!! What would we do with out Ron!! He so fun and is always making me smile. Hes always there to lift me up and to make me see the good. Riley! what an awesome brother he is. He is so funny all the time, he is so sweet and i love him so much and I'm so proud of everything he has accomplished. For Brady's family well i could not have asked for better, Carl is so nice to me all the time i really don't think he can get mad really!! Patty is so sweet to me and is a great mother in-law. Lander is always there to lend a helping hand when ever i need one. bay well bay is just so fun. Everyone of my Friends make me want to be better and i love you so much!!! I just had to say this and remember to be so thankful for all that we have love ya! Hay-