Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big News update!

Well i guess its time to blog about our big news!! WE are .......... Having a BABY!!!!! We are so excited for this little baby to join our life! We went to our first doctors appt on wednesday and everything looked great! We where able to see the heart beat and see how tiny the baby is! It was such a cool experience! Brady said to me i cant beleive thats inside of you! And he was so cute when he saw the heart beat he was so excited. We go back in two weeks and he will give me a Real due date. The doctor thought i was about 6 weeks and i thought i was a little further along  so he thought i could be due anywhere between March 13-18 so we will know in two weeks the final say! Ive been super sick which i guess i never knew how bad it really is when all my friends would tell me how hard it was at first when your pregnant. Well i now feel your pain!! But thanks to some great meds! I can at least function now! But i will take being sick to get this little baby here! I cant wait till we can see it and hold it and just enjoy ever moment!!