Thursday, December 25, 2008

Me and Brady are getting married!!

Well i cant even believe it but yes its finally true! I'm getting MARRIED!!! Well today brady asked me to marry him. We had such a fun day. He came to my house and we hung out with my family and he opened his safe!!! He loved it i was so excited to give it to him!!! So then he told me to follow him up to his house. So off we went, we were almost to Bradys and he told me we had to go and feed so we went to the barn. I parked my car and he told me to go start the skid loader and i was so mad i couldn't figure out why he would need the skid loader to feed we never use it. So i got mad and said why? and i don't even know how to start it? ( but i drive it all the time!!! :)) Brady said just go do it, and got mad back, so off i went and when i went to look for the key i found a brown box with a beautiful ring!!! it was so perfect!! Is all i could do was cry. I cant even believe it i have waited so long for him and its finally coming true!! I love him so so much and he truly is my prince charming!! We are thinking August or first of September. So hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!!!

Temple Square!

Me Mom and Riley went to Temple Square. It was so pretty we had a lot of fun!! So here are a few pics!!!


Well Christmas eve me my dad and riley and baylee decided to go skiing at sundance!! It was so much fun. My dad has not been skiing in over 30 years!!! so it was pretty hilarious. We laughed so hard but dad did really good.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well i have to say I've been so excited for it to snow and it did :) I was so excited, it just doesn't feel like Christmas without it. I think I'm almost ready for Christmas just a few odds and ends. I'm a little nervous because Brady's present wont be here till Tuesday and i just hope it gets here and i don't have to give him a picture of it!! This year has been so exciting I'm so grateful for this time of year. I was driving home from work today and noticing all the lights and decor and just thought to my self this is so great!!! So i hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas spirit don't take it for granite it is going to be gone before we know it!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Go Jazz

Well last night me my dad Riley and Brady went to the jazz game. We had awesome seats, but they lost. :(. On there defense they had three really good starters hurt so maybe just maybe that had an effect on the game last night. So i have this HUGE crush on Kyle korver. I think he is so dang cute!! We won tee shirts and free meals to Costa Vida and our faces were on the jumbotron. We had so much fun ill add the pics later. I'm getting really excited for Christmas hope everyone else is to. Have a great day!! - Hay

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sisters for life!!! and some fun pics of this weekend

Me and Brady rocking out!!

We played guitar hero for hours its so fun and Brady is a way good singer!!! surprising

Well tonight me and my two best friends/ sisters went and got ice cream and then went to the gym which is always a good time. I just wanted to tell them thanks for always being such great friends and big sisters for me. So Little funny story about us girls we grew up next door to each other and i was the tag along, but they were always so good to let me. They were the first to teach me to ride my bike, the first to help me get ready for school, oh and the best was when i went to prom and they helped me find a bra(maybe lets use duck tape!) to fit into my dress!!!
We have had a lot of fun through out the years and lots more to come!!! love you
guys thanks for all you do.