Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sisters for life!!! and some fun pics of this weekend

Me and Brady rocking out!!

We played guitar hero for hours its so fun and Brady is a way good singer!!! surprising

Well tonight me and my two best friends/ sisters went and got ice cream and then went to the gym which is always a good time. I just wanted to tell them thanks for always being such great friends and big sisters for me. So Little funny story about us girls we grew up next door to each other and i was the tag along, but they were always so good to let me. They were the first to teach me to ride my bike, the first to help me get ready for school, oh and the best was when i went to prom and they helped me find a bra(maybe lets use duck tape!) to fit into my dress!!!
We have had a lot of fun through out the years and lots more to come!!! love you
guys thanks for all you do.