Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Last Tuesday me and Brady had our engagements!!! YEAH its over!!! Brady was such a trooper, I thought for sure that he was going to be the biggest pain in my BUTTT!!!! But he hadn't slept the night before he was out working until 3 am and had to be on another job at 6 am so he didn't go to sleep. so when i talked to him that morning at 8 he was so sick and wanted to reschedule. i was a mess because we have no time at all for rescheduling things! and to make things a little more interesting it rained and poured before our pics! But it all worked out and they turned out amazing!! our photographer is so good. Thank you thank you Rebbecca!! We love them! you can go to Rebeccacarters blog there is a link on my Friends list and some are posted there if you want to see them all you click on view your pics and the password is so I'm so excited cant wait for our invites!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

new things new places!

Well i have lots to update on so here goes! Well the wedding is getting closer and I'm so Glad. We have our pictures and bridal showers in the next week or so, so that is so exciting! I started working in Ogden and i really like my job! I still come home on Wednesdays and Thursdays and almost every weekend. That has been a huge change for me, I'm so close to my family and now i don't see them as much but i guess that's life i was going to have to move out some day! I tried to talk Brady into moving down there or even better we could just stay at my parents HA HA and that just wont happen. But its well worth it for him! Its been so good because i get to see a lot more of Brady now that I'm living here, I love that i can come home and hes there!! I'm so glad that summer is coming its crazy i cant believe how fast it is coming!
So i started a new project of painting our cabinets! WOW what a difference it makes and how much work it has been! i will add some pics when they are all done! But other than staying bissy working and getting things ready for the wedding that's all we have been doing!!! Hope everyone Else's life's are good.
My cute friend Maclee had her sweet darling baby Britin a couple of weeks ago and he is so cute. and my two good friends Amanda and her little Addie had a horrible accident and i hope they are doing good we are praying for you! and My other sweet Addie has a broken arm so Glad no surgery for her!!! she is one of our six !! flower girls!! well hope all is well! love Hay!