Sunday, July 5, 2009

4 of july!!

Well this weekend was so so much fun! me and kristi went to Woodruff and Evanston on Friday night and had so much fun!!! Then i stayed the weekend with my family. We had horses running on Saturday so it was fun to spend the day at the races. Saturday night me and Riley headed to Tabiona for the rodeo!!! We had so much fun, gunner ran really good, wish i could have got something done in the breakaway but oh well!! My mom was so worried about us going out by ourselves and she keep telling us we needed to make sure we always had enough gas!! We headed home a diff rent way we had never been before and well we coasted into heber!! The hole time me and riley watched the meter go from 7 miles to empty to 0 and we were sweat in bullets!!! It was so funny we really did have so much fun. I cant believe that there is only 2 more days until the wedding. CRAZY but I'm so grateful for wonderful family and Friends everyone has been so helpful and so wonderful to be and Brady. We are going to go to Park City for our honey moon. I think it will be allot of fun we are going to shop and ride the alpine slide and zip line. Hope everyone had a great 4th!!