Thursday, February 11, 2010

My NeW HaIr Do!!! VaLeNtInEs IdEa

I have to thank everyone for your inputs! They have helped so much.  I really have had a hard time on what to do! I know that's pretty sad, I do hair for a living and tell people all day what they should do, but when it comes to my own i cant decide! WOW. Well i think I'm going to grow it out! I love my short hair and it has been fun but i really miss my long hair because it was so easy and i could do lots with it, and i think i just look better with long hair. I've been looking at pictures and i think i like it the best!!
We really haven't been up to much i started my new job at Layton high and i love it, i work in the copy center!!! And just still doing hair and keeping really busy. So life is good. Valentines is coming soon and i thought i would share my valentines idea for Brady with all of you, and maybe it will help with what you should do with for your husbands! My friend Jen told me about this idea. So you do a little scavenger hunt! Its really fun. you make up some slips and take them around to a few places you know they go all the time. They pick up a new slip at every stop and then you have them come back home for a nice v-day dinner and final prize!!I always make him a candy bar poster so im doing that to.  I thought it would be fun and i didn't know what to get Brady and i didnt want to spend aton of money so i hope it will go good. If you have any more fun ideas let me know!!! HAPPY VALENTINES! Hay