Sunday, January 11, 2009


Well last night me and Brady were talking about everything that comes with getting married. It really is so crazy how much changes and i don't think anyone told me this! I cant wait to be married he really is my best Friend. So we started talking about where we were going to live and what we needed to do to the house. And we kinda got in a little tiff about it but he always always makes me laugh about something and i forget what i was mad about. I know it sounds cheesy but I'm so lucky to have him in my life. So i think we have decided that we are going to live in his grandma's house and I'm way excited. Its a cute little house in Layton were the horses can be in our back yard and we can ride anytime. Alot of the things in the house are brand new so we are so lucky. But Brady made the comment to me "Hay this is really happening" and i just thought holy cow it really is!! lots of things will change but for the better. I was really nervous at first to leave my family and i kinda still am but i know we will stay close with them and still see them alot. My family has been so great to me about us getting married my family loves Brady and I'm so lucky to have such great in laws, his family has been so great also I love them so so much. we are so blessed to have such wonderful loving family's. So i was thinking about a talk my bishop gave right before new years and he was talking about change and how we have to have change in our lives to keep progressing. and i thought of me and Brady. Lots of changes are happening and lots of stress come with that but its for the very best and we will work through life together and be there for one another and as long as we have that we can do anything!!! so that's whats been on my mind!!! Have a great day.