Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas

I have been such a slacker about posting! We have been so busy with the christmas hussel and bussel. We got a new truck!!! I couldnt even believe it. Brady called me and said he had a guy look at his other one and the guy bought it. So we had to look for a new one. So we ended up getting a Ford F-350 super duty. So thats really exciting. We havnt had anything else thats been going on besides working lots and getting ready for christmas! So i hope everyone is ready and excited!! Ill post some pics later! MERRY CHRISTMAS

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buckaroo bradshaw's said...

Haylee! Merry Christmas! I'm so glad all is well with you & Brady! I'm up feeding my baby @ this lovely 4 a.m. hour & have been entertained by catching myself up on you through your blog, which I've enjoyed very much (I died laughing @ the "cop @ the race track" story).When are you ever gonna come down here to AZ?! You know, there are several good ropin's here on New Year's...Oh wait, I don't want you to steal all the winnings from my husband... Just come visit! Lol- just kidding,but do come! :) Miss ya! Keep in touch! -Kelsee