Monday, January 26, 2009


If you cant tell the walls in our bedroom were wallpaper and i think i had been there for 20 years or more! So we took that down removed the carpet and started to paint. Its not done just yet but will be soon i hope. you cant really tell in the pics but the walls are a tan color and the ceilings are white with white trim. I think it will be really cute when its all done!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Haylee!! Congrats on your engagement!! It looks like your having a blast!! I'm so happy for you and Brady.

Colby and Britney said...

ok the wallpaper is way sick... worse than mine was i think, but it will be so cute when you are done! i'm excited for you! and Lacey's bridals turned out so good!

The Richardsons!!! said...

O that is so sossososososososososoooooosoosososo so exciting!I love it! I know you guys are going to be so happy, and have such cute babies! I want to go see it soon!