Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kids and Family pictures

These are just a few pictures I have been taking. I truly love taking pictures, dont judge them they have not had photo shop but I couldnt wait to show them. Hope you like!!!


Maclee & Jade said...

Hi these are so cute although they are some pretty cute kids

sandy223 said...

Every time someone sees my portraits they are fascinated with the work. This most recent time was my third time using Vintage Vignettes Photography. Each time the portraits get better and better. They are timeless. I will forever treasure them. You have captured their innocence in such a beautiful way. I have a few styles, both sepia and black and white.
sandy romeo

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smarts said...

Haylee, this look great your doing a great job. Hope you don't mind but I logged on to your blogger acct and fixed a few things just minor but I could not get a hold of you. HOPE YOU DONT MIND LOVE YA!! KENZ